Human and Hope Association

Money, money, money!

 We are over the moon to announce that we have sourced a monthly donation which will enable us to pay all the volunteers at Human and Hope Association. From the end of the month, we will be paying the Director and Operations Manager a small salary, as well as being able to provide them with internet. The teachers will be paid by the hour, which will enable us to increase the number of daily classes. We currently have 224 students at Human and Hope, however are only operating at 25% of our capacity.

All of our volunteers are financially challenged, so these salaries will make a huge difference to them. It is also our goal to source University scholarships for six of our volunteers who do not have the capacity to support themselves through University. All the volunteers who have completed University did so with scholarships.

Stay tuned as you see some great development at Human and Hope over the next few weeks!