My life before I was a student at HHA


Written by Long Saney, HHA Seamstress.

My name is Long Saney. I am 30 years old. I was born in Veal village, Somboure Sangkat, Siem Reap city and Siem Reap province. Now I live with my husband in Chhrai village.I studied only second grade. I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters, and I am second daughter in my family.

In 2006 I got married with my husband and have a daughter. My husband was an earner to support my whole family, because I was jobless. He was a motor driver, and He could earn 5.000 Riel ($1.25) per day, but the income is not enough to buy food for supporting all day. Sometimes we left remained food in the morning to eat in the evening. Then my mother has given us a land. My husband and I have built small home, and we moved to there. When I moved to there, I wished to grow vegetables, but I could not grow much on the land, because the land is small. Although I made an effort to do like that, it couldn’t support my family. These reasons make me harvest for my neighbor to earn more income. This job is irregular for me, because they harvest in the rainy season. Sometimes I and my daughter went to the forest to take out rattan and make baskets. Then I sold to other person at cheap price. One basket could sell only 500 Riel (12.5 cents). After that my husband stopped being a motor driver, and he worked as a worker. It still is not enough.

Next a neighbor introduced me to go to study sewing program in HHA. First I asked my husband about that, but he didn’t agree. I asked him more and more until he agreed. Moreover HHA staff asked some information from me, and I have been chosen to study at HHA. After that I could make clothes for my neighbors. Because I studied hard with my sewing skill, I have been chosen to be seamstress to make some products at my home for HHA. Since my family is better than before, I have enough money to support my family and daughter study. Finally I’d like to thank HHA and all sponsors.

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