Our Mission

Our Vision Statement

For Cambodians to transform their lives through empowering and sustainable methods which are passed on from generation to generation.

Our Mission Statement

To empower Cambodians to create a sustainable future for themselves through projects focused on education, community development and vocational training.

Our Values

  • Empowerment – we aim to empower people to create long-term change for themselves and our community. We do not accept foreign volunteers. We do not support voluntourism due to its negative effects on the students and their local communities. We do not participate in voluntourism activities and we speak out against it.
  • Sustainability we believe in the importance of ensuring that positive change is long-lasting and intergenerational; a long-term solution to poverty.
  • Equality we do not discriminate on any basis, including age, gender or social status. We believe everyone is deserving of opportunities and support.
  • Integrity we believe in doing what is right even when it is difficult, and hope to promote this value to our students and community.
  • Transformation – we hope to foster positive growth for individuals as well as promote social change in our community and Cambodia generally.

Our Aims

    1. To provide free services to Level One, Two and Three beneficiaries so education and vocational opportunities are available to all members of our community.
    2. To provide quality education to our students by providing them with a good environment of learning by capacity building our staff.
    3. To promote strong, united families where children have access to education and parents have the skills to find sustainable employment.
    4. To teach living values to students as part of a holistic approach to education and community development.
    5. To create long-term, positive change by addressing the underlying causes of poverty and disadvantage and implementing projects to tackle these causes.
    6. To become and remain an entirely Khmer operated NGO through capacity building our staff and initiating strong management systems.

SMSrey Mao was just 16 when she began studying in our sewing program. She was referred to us by her cousin Saney, a second generation student.

When she first began studying, Srey Mao was shy and under confident in her ability to learn. With the support and guidance of her teacher and fellow students, she flourished. With the support of her family, Srey Mao borrowed a sewing machine and began fixing clothes for her family. As there wasn’t much business available in her business, she took the initiative to apply for work in town.

Srey Mao is now married and working at a sewing shop in town earning $120USD a month.

“Thank you to Human and Hope Association for supporting me. I am so happy that now I can earn money for myself and my husband.”

It costs just $90 a month to provide a Cambodian woman with sewing training. Become a Sewing Champion today!