Our New Online Store

We are very excited to bring you our new online store! There are many items on our wish list that you can help us purchase. You can feel happy knowing you are supporting Cambodian families to address social issues and break the cycle of poverty. Check out the items available below.

Farming Pack ($20AUD) – Provide a farming pack to a Cambodian family. They will study in a one-month theoretical program and receive this pack to put their knowledge into action.

Hygiene Pack ($10AUD) –  Provide a hygiene pack to a class of preschool students, including toothbrushes and toothpaste so they can brush their teeth daily.

Nutrition Pack ($32AUD) –  Our sewing students receive rice and vegetables every day they study, so we can ensure their families are well-fed while they take the time out to learn a new skill. Your gift will ensure a woman receives a nutritious food pack for a month.

Opportunity Scholarship ($11AUD) –  Your gift will ensure a Cambodian child living in poverty receives an Opportunity Scholarship. This includes a shoulder bag made by sewing graduates, a textbook, pencil sharpener and eraser every term, along with a pen and pencil every month and a notebook every two months for a year.

Rice Bag ($45AUD) – Purchase a 50kg bag of rice, so our staff can receive a nutritious daily lunch at our community centre. This will ensure they have the energy to empower our community.

School Starter Kit ($15AUD) – Help a Cambodian child get off to school by purchasing a school starter kit. This kit includes a school uniform, backpack, chalkboard, notebooks and stationery. It is presented to a preschool graduate in October once they have finished their year-long class and are transitioning to public school.

Set of Library Books ($14AUD) – Provide a set of four new books to the students at Human and Hope Association, keeping them engaged with learning.

Sewing Starter Kit ($12AUD) – Help a Cambodian woman get a business off the ground by providing her with a sewing starter kit. This kit will be presented three months into the sewing program when she takes out a sewing machine microfinance loan. This kit will give her the necessary resources to earn an income from her home.

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