Human and Hope Association

Our New Project – Art Class!!

Art class has been running for three weeks now. Our first week of art class was organised chaos. In typical Khmer style, instead of just the 40 registered students turning up, we had 83 students in total. We played a balloon relay race which was LOTS of fun, made beautiful artwork to hang on our classroom walls, and finished of the day with bananas as a nutricious snack. We weren’t able to watch the movie we were going to, due to an all day blackout, however the students didn’t seem to mind!

Since then, we have divided the students into two groups, so one group attends in the first and third week of every month, and the other group attends in the second and fourth week. It is really interesting seeing how the students interact with each other and share the materials, as well as how much they concentrate on their artwork!

The art classes are free to attend, and we already have a waiting list of ten students. In the future, funds dependent, we hope to run a Saturday art class, too! We hope you enjoy the snippet of photos from the past few weeks of class!