Overview of how HHA made their own income in 2016

Written by Sopheak Tenh, Accountant

First, allow me to introduced myself. I’m Sopheak, have worked an accountant for part time job at HHA. I was born in Puok district, Siem Reap Cambodia. I am 23 years old and studying at University of South East Asia in Siem Reap town. I started with HHA for 7 months ago. I really delight with HHA because I get much general knowledge from team work and have much time to learn more out-side.

Then, I would like to show you about our own income as we run a whole year in 2016. Some ways that HHA generates their own income besides from donations such as:

1. HHA Farm: We grow some vegetables in our garden at HHA area. This is very important that our staff have opportunity to know how to growing veg. doing well as we try to find more way to looking and care our veg. farm. Sophy our HHA’s staff is responsible for these and she doing well.

2. Sewing Business: We made sewing products for sale such as elephants toys, clutches, Crayon carriers, Stationery carriers ect. We have consignment shops and wholesales order in Siem Reap and other provinces. This is also important that get our seamstress for a job at home and they can find more profit to support their family and the proceeds put back to support our projects.

3. Sewing Material: We sold some sewing materials to our students and villager around HHA. This is so important that they didn’t go to the town, so that they don’t waste their time to buy.

4. Microfinance Repayment: We provided small loan to our sewing students and villager. We got  small interest from them.

5. Student Tuition Fees: We received tuition fees every month from our students ($ 0.50/person). These incomes, we allocated in English program 40% and employee program 60% through our income.

6. Stationery: We sold some stationary such: Pen, Pencil, Note book, Eraser etc., to our students. It does also make them easy that’s why they don’t go out-side to buy.

7. Bank Interest: We have deposited fund in CIMB Bank, so every 6 months we get bank interest from them. When we received bank interest we also allocated in each project wherever the greatest need is.

8. Any income that we receive such as:

-The income from selling old stuff that we don’t use anymore to our staff or villagers

-Exchange Interest rate

Through self-generate income for a whole year 2016, we got $ 13,224.02 which is 25% of our total income. We are very proud with this amount because we don’t just rely on the donation from our donors but we have tried hard to generate our own income which shows a good role model of our staff and community members.

Lastly, I would like to express my profound thanks to my teamwork and our supporters for their hard work and support. We try hard to find way to generate our own income however we still need your donations, so please continue your support by becoming our monthly Champions.



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