Human and Hope Association


We launched our Preschool Program in March 2013. Each day, the class studies for two hours and learns Khmer, play games, brushes their teeth, watches movies and completes art and craft activities. On Fridays they receive a snack of soy milk and learn about living values.

Unfortunately many children in our community are neglected by their parents who have to work very hard all day just to make ends meet, so young children either have to go to work with their parents, stay at home unsupervised, or work themselves. By putting these students into Preschool every day, they are under the supervision of good role models and are less likely to form bad habits or attitudes. Another purpose was to show the students, but especially their parents, the importance of education, so they can be enrolled in Public School once they reach six years of age.

Before we break for the religious festival Pchum Benh each year, we have a graduation ceremony for the Preschool students who are leaving the program and transitioning to Primary School. We present each student with a gift to properly equip them for school. This includes a backpack, chalkboard, chalk, two notebooks, two notebook covers, a pencil, ruler, eraser, sharpener and pencil case.

7*Clay began studying in preschool when we launched the program in April 2013. A shy four-year old, he was one of six children who came from extreme poverty.

As time went by, Clay grew into a confident, extremely intelligent child. He stayed at HHA a full day and spent countless hours in the library putting together complicated puzzles and reading books. He began studying in English classes too, and was one of the top performing students in his class.

In October 2015 Clay graduated preschool and was enrolled in public school. We were finally able to convince two of his siblings to study with us, so they take him on their bicycle on the 8km round journey to and from HHA each day.

Clay studies Khmer language with us and has moved up in English class. His attitude and behaviour has improved and he continues to thrive.

It costs $10 a month to provide education to a preschool student. Become a Preschool Champion today!