Art Supplies


Provide supplies for an art lesson that will reach 20 vulnerable children.

Public schools in Cambodia consist of rote learning, with ‘out of the box thinking’ discouraged. Classes consist of up to 60 students, with students competing for individual attention.


To encourage our students to think independently and give them the individual attention they deserve, we run art class every Sunday. Recycled materials are often used to reduce the negative impact on the environment and show the children that they can be creative at their own homes.


After making a craft, often in teams, the students have ‘hygiene time’ then watch a movie in English. Afterwards, they receive a piece of fruit to enjoy; either grown in HHA’s organic garden or purchased at the local market from local growers.


Art class is provided free-of-charge to children between the ages of three and 18. When art class was first launched in 2013, most students were too shy to attend as they said they didn’t have the ability to be creative.


With perseverance, our team at Human and Hope Association has shown the students they are capable of achieving many things. Their artwork is displayed in the study area at Human and Hope Association to instil a sense of pride and achievement in them.


Art class is a proven method to promote our other education programs (English, Khmer, preschool and library) to the community.