Hygiene Pack


Provide a hygiene pack to a class of preschool students, including toothbrushes and toothpaste so they can brush their teeth daily.

Basic hygiene practices are usually taken for granted in the Western world. In Cambodia, many people don’t know the benefits of properly washing their hands and brushing their teeth. At Human and Hope Association we regularly hold hygiene workshops for all our students.


The training sessions focus on basic hygiene practices such as hand-washing and teeth cleaning. Awareness is also raised about the dangers of using contaminated water as a cause of illness and disease, as well as how people can change their everyday routine to prevent getting sick. The workshops utilise engaging training materials and activities.  A small hygiene pack is provided to every student who attends the training so they could put their learning into practice straight away.


In addition to this, our preschool students brush their teeth daily as part of their two-hour class. Before studying at our organisation, none of them had brushed their teeth before.