Nutrition Pack


Our sewing students receive rice and vegetables every day they study, so we can ensure their families are well-fed while they take the time out to learn a new skill. Your gift will ensure a woman receives a nutritious food pack for a month.


A lack of education and training in the community where HHA operates means that it is difficult for villagers to break the cycle of poverty. Women are born with a lesser status than men, and are taught to be the caregivers, with education taking a back seat. With poverty and gender issues come other social issues, such as lack of hygiene, which results in increased illnesses, domestic violence, rape, lack of financial security, children dropping out of public school, lack of family planning, migration and money management.


The 10-month sewing program is aimed at women and addresses these issues. The students are provided with comprehensive sewing skills, life skills classes, sustainable chemical-free farming education, microfinance loans, business skills and a greater support network. The women in the sewing program develop into respected role models, challenging stereotypes and making their community a safer place for girls, within which they can break the cycle of poverty.