Set of Library Books


Provide a set of four new books to the students at Human and Hope Association, keeping them engaged with learning.


The library at Human and Hope Association is open every day to 150 children and is managed by our Education and Library Assistant. He educates the students on treating the books with respect, encourages them to share the resources and assists them with their reading. Without this library, our students wouldn’t have access to new and updated information. They would also lack a safe environment to learn.


The students can often be found practising their Khmer and English using flashcards, reading storybooks, learning words from the dictionary, completing puzzles or playing their favourite games; Chess and Connect Four. On Fridays, they are provided with colouring in pages and pencils, so they can colour to their heart’s desire. The English and Khmer classes at Human and Hope Association visit the library for 30 minutes a week to practice their reading skills under the guidance of their teachers.