Toy Pack


Provide a set of new toys to a class of preschool students so they can learn how to be imaginative and share.

Many children in the community where Human and Hope Association is located are neglected by their parents who have to work very hard all day just to make ends meet. These young children either have to go to work with their parents, stay at home unsupervised, or work themselves.


Our preschool program allows these children to be under the supervision of good role models, meaning they are less likely to form bad habits or attitudes. Each month, theattendance rate is 95% on average. This demonstrates their parents’ commitment to education.


Our preschool program runs every weekday for two hours. The students learn how to read and write in their native language. They play sports (concentrating on the aspect of teamwork), do arts and crafts, play with toys, learn about good habits and spend time in the library.


In addition to this, the students brush their teeth at Human and Hope Association every day. Before attending Human and Hope Association, the students had never brushed their teeth before, so this is a crucial habit to begin at this age. On Fridays, they learn about living values.


Every October, a graduation ceremony is held, and the students are provided with a school starter pack to properly equip them for school. Since launching the program in 2013, 50 children have graduated from the preschool program. 98% of these children remain in public school to this day.