Progress of our Preschool class 2016

Written by Loeum Salin, Education and Community Manager

It was my nightmare teaching preschool students at first, but now it becomes my most interesting class. It comes from Sally, our advisory, who have been trying to inspire and assist me in teaching preschool. She has changed my old concept and beliefs, which I always thought that I am not able to do new and difficult tasks, to think positively and improve myself every day.

This year we have 10 students, which is equal in number of boys and girls. They are all at the age of five and come from poor families. These children are going to join our preschool program for one year. When they are six years old, they will be enrolled at public school for grade one and will be joined our Khmer class for one hour.

According to the curriculum: Monday – Thursday, they study Khmer alphabet, do coloring, do arts and crafts, play with allocated toys, and do some fun activities in our study area for 30 minutes. On Friday, they learn living values, watch movie, and pick up trash inside HHA. In living values, they learn about their safety and health, environmental awareness, and how to be good children, students, citizens, etc.

Every day, they always come to class early and practice writing Khmer alphabet with their classmates. Moreover, they are so helpful as they always help me to clean and tidy up the class. They have participated well in any lessons and activities. A part from this, we encourage them to brush their teeth every morning because we think it’s a good habit to maintain their teeth.

Lastly, I am so excited to see their willingness to learn with us. That feeling tells me that I have to improve my teaching to respond to their willingness. I would like to express my profound thank to supporters who enable us to run this class. Your supports will make a difference to our community.

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