Thank you very much for your interest in helping to spread the word about Human and Hope Association! As a small organisation, raising awareness is key in helping us to continue and grow our programs, and empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves.

Here are a few ideas that you may like to use!

  • Reach out to a local paper, radio station or magazine.When looking to get an article published about Human and Hope Association, they key is to make sure you have some news to share, and an angle. For example, if you have recently visited Cambodia, or you are going to hold a great fundraiser, this could be your “angle”. We can help you to write a press release that you can then send on to the news organisation.
  • Speak up at your club, university or workplace. If you are a member of a club, church or service organisation, or a student – consider putting together a short presentation about Human and Hope Association. Take the opportunity to explain about HHA’s work, and then also some easy ways the audience can support us – like joining our mailing list, liking our Facebook page or making a donation.
  • Participate in a fun event for us! Fun runs and other events are a great opportunity to support Human and Hope Association. Either on your own with a couple of friends, run for HHA by wearing shirts with our names on them, or even gaining sponsorship for your efforts. Fundraising is easy with our online system ‘GiveNow’, and every time you share a photo or update about the event, you will be raising awareness for us!
  • Shout out to us on your blog or website! If you run a blog or website, consider adding a post or link to ours! Not only will this raise awareness about us to visitors of your website, but we are more likely to be found by others on Google if we have more websites linking to us. This is one of the simplest ways to help us, and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes!
  • Link in with other events. Are there any events happening around your local area? Many events such as fun runs, movie nights, fashion shows and small fairs present a great opportunity to spread the word about Human and Hope Association. Maybe see if the organisers wouldn’t mind including a flyer about HHA in a gift bag from the event, or even if they could show a video about us!
  • Sell HHA goods in your work’s lunchroom! In many workplaces, lunch rooms are an easy and effective place to put information about HHA. By putting something small (like a greeting card!) for sale, along with a poster explaining about HHA and how to help, not only are you presenting an easy and quick way for people to donate, but even those who do not purchase anything will still have seen our poster!
  • Get the word out on social media. Nearly everyone has Facebook these days so it is a fantastic resource for spreading the word about HHA. By sharing our page with your networks, your friends and family are more likely to trust our page, and maybe one day support us.
  • Hold a fundraiser. Holding a fundraiser might seem a bit intimidating to some, but in reality, it is a fun, easy and effective way to help us. Whether your plans are big or small, by getting people together in support of Human and Hope Association, you are both raising awareness about our organisation, and also hopefully funds that will go a long way in helping us achieve our aims.

As you can see – there are many ways to help raise awareness about Human and Hope Association, and this is just a sample. The main thing about any event is to have a goal in mind – when you are speaking up about Human and Hope Association, always have an aim! Whether it is to inspire the person to like our Facebook page, join our mailing list or make a donation, by having a goal in mind, your efforts will be the most focused and effective.

These resources should help you with your efforts to raise funds and awareness for us. And don’t forget – we are always on hand to help you out!

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Our YouTube channel and Facebook pages are updated regularly with videos. These might help you with your fundraising efforts:

  • What does Seyla have to say about empowerment? – Hear from Seyla, who was hired in 2013 as a Sewing Teacher, was promoted to Vocational Training Manager in 2015 and now has his own sewing business in Australia, supporting Human and Hope Association with the proceeds.