Human and Hope Association

Reward Ceremony

Just before Human and Hope took a break for Khmer New Year, we had another End of Semester Ceremony. Below, in both Khmer and English, our Director, Houn Hen, attempts to explain about what this ceremony is about.

Each term there are three months, at the end of the semester HHA always celebrates one party called ‘Reward Ceremony’ in order to reinforce our staff, teachers, volunteers, students and especially our students parents who mindfully motivate their sons and daughters to be educated by HHA. Before beginning the celebrations, we invited the Head Monk and his assistants, the Head of Villagers in seven different villages, pagoda committees, kids parents and other organization and companies who have good associations with our programs.

During our ceremony, we had different activities to make happy, funny and get invoilement from the participants. The Monks pray and bless, I gave a short speech, we played games and had presentations by the students from movie club, art class, English class and preschool. We also give awards to the top students and eat food.