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Sally’s Birthday Wish


Birthday Fundraiser

Written by Sally Hetherington, Operations Manager

To celebrate my 29th birthday I am asking all my family, friends and HHA supporters to donate money to Human and Hope Association with the purpose of empowering three of our wonderful Cambodian team members through further education scholarships.

My aim is to raise $1,000AUD to send our sewing staff, Saroem, Seyla and Phalla to study two terms each at the Australian Centre for Education (ACE), a highly regarded English school in Siem Reap. These staff members are already studying at ACE, and not only has their English improved dramatically, but their confidence has, too. I am fully committed to the development of our staff through education, and by providing them with further terms of studying; I know they will continue to transform themselves.

Saroem, Sewing Teacher – $272USD for two terms of studying

Saroem is 24 years old, and left public school when she was in Grade 8 as she became very ill. She was a vegetable seller when her brother approached her and suggested she study sewing at an NGO so she would have a sustainable skill. After studying for six months, she became a seamstress then eventually started working as a sewing teacher at a local NGO. Saroem currently works at two NGO’s and also recently opened a small sewing shop with her cousin.

Seyla, Sewing Teacher – $272USD for two terms of studying

Seyla is 27 years old, and one of eight children. Due to a poor upbringing, he stopped studying at public school in Grade 8. When he left school, Seyla worked as a construction worker until one day he began to learn dancing and was able to gain employment as a dancer at a restaurant. At the age of 20 he began studying sewing at a local NGO, then started working as a tailor in a garment shop. After saving up his money he was able to purchase sewing machines and start a small business at his home. Seyla works at HHA part time, volunteers at our art class and continues to sew garments at his home.

Phalla, Sewing Assistant – $256USD for two terms of studying

Phalla is 18 years old. She stopped studying at public school when she was in Grade 7 as her younger sister died and her mother was ill, so she no longer had funds to support her studies. Last year she began studying in HHA’s first sewing class. Impressed by her commitment, she was hired as our sewing assistant and went on to study our advanced and expert sewing class. Phalla also studied English with us, and after three semesters of studying, we awarded her a further education scholarship. Phalla works part time at HHA, makes our products at her home and also fixes garments for her neighbours. Her siblings also study English and Preschool at our organisation.

As you can see, these are remarkable people who I want to continue to develop. It would really make my birthday incredible if I could give Saroem, Seyla and Phalla the guarantee that they can study two more terms at ACE.

I am already over a quarter of the way to my goal, so if you want to help me put over the top, please go to the following links to donate and ensure you write ‘Sally’s birthday wish’ in the comments section so we can allocate the funds to this worthy cause.

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“I think it’s a very positive way of assisting individuals to rise above the economic limitations that present obstacles to their further education. By enabling that, my inclination and hope is that they are able to in turn, use their education to guide, educate and inspire others to achieve. Ultimately, to become role models and help break the cycle of poverty. At this point in my life I don’t have time to assist in other ways, so the best way I can support the wonderful development work of HHA, is using my financial resources to assist in empowering others.” – Scholarship donor

Thanks so much for your support!