School Funding Proposals

English Language Classes

Siem Reap is a tourist town, yet more than 20% of Cambodians live below the poverty line. Our English language classes for children teach them the basics so it is easier for them to develop further English skills that are needed for jobs in tourism later in life. Read funding proposal >>


Khmer Language Classes

Approximately 25% of our students at Human and Hope Association struggle with their native language despite attending public school. Our Khmer language classes have a proven track record of teaching children how to read and write in just six months. After attending our Khmer language classes these students have all moved up at public school, with some even coming in first, second and third place, or being able to skip a grade altogether. Read funding proposal >>

Preschool Classes

We recruit ten of the poorest five-year olds in our commune to study in preschool class. These students often lack good role models, experience domestic violence or are at risk of participating in child labour instead of studying. We teach them in preschool class for a year and then enrol them in public school. They continue to study with us in Khmer class and then move onto English class. Read funding proposal >>

Sewing Classes

With 35% of Cambodians living below the poverty line, vocational training is crucial for uneducated villagers to break the poverty cycle. Our ten-month sewing program not only teaches women the basics of sewing right through to elaborate ceremony tops, they also learn about chemical-free farming and life skills as part of our holistic approach to development. Read funding proposal >>