School Fundraising Ideas

There are so many possibilities when it comes to fundraising with your school! We have come up with the list below, however, if you have any additional ideas, please let us know so we can add it. Keep in mind that all fundraising activities should be safe and not harmful to the environment!

Coins for CambodiaSign up your school to take part in ‘Coins for Cambodia’. You can print labels directly from our website, get your classmates to bring in tins and containers and make your own money tins! Then save your coins at home or in the classroom and in November each year deposit the total into our bank account. You have the chance to win some awesome prizes if your team raises the most funds!




Set a theme for your dance-a-thon, charge an entry fee and provide the participants with sponsorship forms! Participants will dance all afternoon and night (well, until closing time, probably 8 pm) and ask their family to sponsor them for each hour they are still rocking. Provide plenty of water and also sell healthy snacks on the evening.



Do and Donate

Do and Donate is a fun way you can raise funds for Human and Hope Association. All you have to do is select an item from our wish list, set a goal, sign up and start fundraising! You might vow to give up chocolate for a month, walk an hour a day for a week or donate your birthday.



Untitled-1Make some themed gift baskets with donations and raffle them at your school! Tickets might be 50 cents each or $2 each, but make sure you offer a discount for purchasing multiple tickets! You can contact us to see whether we could donate handicrafts for a HHA themed gift basket!



Gift Card SalesPrint off some gift cards that are available on our website and sell them to your classmates! They are gift cards that directly relate to our work at HHA, such as:

$1 = 1kg of rice for a sewing student

$2 = A new book for HHA’s library

$5 = One art class lesson

$10 = One student scholarship

Greeting Cards

Either make your own greeting cards or print some from our website and sell them! You can make them for any occasion, a mix, or leave them blank so they are neutral.




Handicraft Market Stall

We have a big range of products available for sale. By selling these products, priced between $2 and $10, you will be supporting the seamstresses who make the products and our organisation. All you have to do is contact us and we will get a bunch of goodies to you. If your school is in Adelaide we can drop the products off to you and pick them up free of charge, however if you are located anywhere else we ask that you pay for postage so we don’t lose valuable funds!


Lunchtime Quiz SessionOrganise a quiz at lunch! Get everyone to bring their lunches into the school hall or classroom and in teams they must answer some rounds of questions. You can make a theme to the quiz, such as Harry Potter, sports, TV shows, Australia or history. You can charge a gold coin entry fee and play some games for a coin donation in between questions! The winning team might win a prize or a certificate.



Mufti DayEveryone loves mufti day! Your classmates don’t have to wear their uniform to school in return for a gold coin donation. Or, to make things more interesting, it can be a themed mufti day, with prizes for the best costume!




Multicultural DayAustralia is very multicultural, and we should celebrate that! Have students come in a cultural dress and pay a gold coin donation. Set up cultural games and food stalls and receive further gold donations. Give a presentation on Cambodia or have a quiz on the different countries in the world. You will raise money AND educate your school!



Recipe Book

Make your own recipe book, print it and sell it to families at the school! You just have to gather your classmate’s favour recipes, take photos, type it up and voila! It may be a themed recipe book, such as healthy lunches or party food, or it may be a mixture of everything!



Summer CarnivalSummer is the perfect time to have a carnival as the days are long and the weather is (usually) good! Set up food stalls, game booths, handicraft stalls. Provide photo booths and ‘guess how many lollies’ competitions. There are SO many possibilities with a summer carnival, and lots of funds to be raised!



Teacher Baby Photo Competition


Politely ask the staff at your school for photos of them as a baby. For a gold coin donation, you will provide your classmates with sheets where they write down the name of a teacher next to the photo number. Let the competition run for a week or so, with the winner being the student who had the most answers correct!


Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt would preferably be held on school grounds as it is much safer and easier to organise. Students pay an entry fee and are put into teams and are given a list of clues to find different treasure in a certain timeframe. By the end of the allocated time, the students with the most treasures win! Try to ask local businesses to donate prizes for this. Remember to take your water with you when treasure hunting!