‘Sew Many Opportunities’ thank you + raffle winners!

Over the past 90 days, more than 100 people have donated to our ‘Sew Many Opportunities’ campaign, some multiple times. We have held a quiz night and market stall in Adelaide, a dog day out at the beach in Queensland and an interstate raffle. Many supporters have constantly shared the message of empowering our community in Cambodia with the skill of sewing and ensured we could raise the funds necessary to fund the sewing program in 2016. Although we were $615 short of reaching our goal, one of our ongoing supporters stepped in and generously provided the funds, meaning our goal was reached!

I would personally like to thank the board members who put so much effort into the campaign, all my family and friends who put up with my constant nagging for funds and of course, everyone who attended our fundraising events and donated online.
We sold 270 raffle tickets over the past three weeks and I would like to announce the winners:
1st Prize – Linda McDonald (Voucher for two people to stay two nights in a one bedroom apartment at Peppers Salt Resort and Spa, Kingscliff)
2nd Prize – Therese Bertini-Green (Bottle of D-Arenberg 2011 The Dead Arm Shiraz, $50 Junky Comics voucher and an HHA handicraft hamper)
3rd Prize – Julie Lord (HHA handicraft pack)
4th Prize – Cameron Redmayne (HHA handicraft pack)
Congratulations to all the winners of the raffle, however, in reality, we are ALL winners as we have done something truly remarkable; come together to move our community out of poverty.
Akun churan!
Sally Hetherington
Human and Hope Association Incorporated

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