Sewing Cooperative

Our sewing cooperative was launched in 2017 after a lot of planning. The purpose of the sewing cooperative is to ensure our sewing graduates utilise their skills to improve their standard of living. This is achieved by encouraging our sewing graduates to become a strong team, with our seamstresses acting as Team Leaders. The women primarily make clothes for schools, universities, NGO’s, tour agencies and individuals at their homes.

Our Vocational Training Coordinator and Director head the program, by finding customers, communicating with customers, and coordinating the orders. They also develop the sewing team through training and coaching. We take a 15% fee from the sewing cooperative to cover our running costs. In the future, we aim for this program to be entirely run by the community members thanks to our empowering approach to development.

If you have a business in Cambodia that is looking for uniforms to be made, please contact us.