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Share the smiles this Valentine’s Day

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The big day has finally arrived. Our handicrafts are now available for purchase through our online store! These products are made by our sewing students who we promote to be seamstresses at HHA. They make the products at their home, receiving a fair wage (currently $0.63USD per hour which is increased every six months) and using a machine purchased interest free through our microfinance program.

By purchasing these handicrafts you are ensuring these ladies can continue receiving product orders and making income to support their families.

*Neesa is 17 years old. She is an orphan who lives with her sister in a simple house made from straw. Despite being very intelligent, Neesa dropped out of school a couple of years ago as she couldn’t afford the costs. We recruited Neesa into our sewing program in 2014 and out of the five students in the program, she had the best skill and attitude. Neesa borrowed a machine through our microfinance program and was hired to be a seamstress so she could make products at her home. She now has a stable income, and HHA are also working together with another organisation to get Neesa a water well and bicycle so she has easy access to water and doesn’t have to walk everywhere. We are also enrolling Neesa in English classes next semester to increase her future job opportunities. 

Our aim is to increase the sales of our products in Cambodia, through our online store and in markets around the world so we can not only support increase standards of living for our seamstresses, but so we can also use the profits to support our vital education, vocational training and community support programs.

So, if you live in Australia, please ensure you check out our online store for all your gift-giving needs!

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