Alexandria Main

Alexandria Main resort wear is designed to wear on lazy poolside afternoons drinking coconut water fresh out of the husk, under moonlit palm trees with the love of your life or while watching the sun slowly dipping into a warm ocean. Our seamstresses make products for this business, earning a fair wage. We are also supported with 20% of the profits from the beach bags we make.


Dizzy Izzy

Dizzy Izzy Scrapbooking is an online craft shop which also holds scrapbooking retreats. Dizzy Izzy supports Human and Hope Association by collecting large supplies of art materials for us to use in our art classes on Sundays. These materials are unavailable in Cambodia so make a big difference to our work! Dizzy Izzy also promotes our yearly crowdfunding campaigns and raises awareness about our cause at their scrapbooking retreats.


Easy by Design

Operated by Georgia McRae, Easy by Design is responsible for creating our donation portal on our website. They also assist us with any technical difficulties occurring on our website in general, and fundraise for HHA, too. Be sure to contact Easy by Design for all your website needs!


Eco-Soap Bank

Eco-Soap bank is a project which collects partially used soap bars from hotels and guesthouses in Cambodia. The collected soaps are then sterilized, and melted down into liquid soap to be put into recycled water bottles from town. Newly moulded soap bars are then donated to NGOs, schools, and orphanages in rural areas. These donated soaps are used in our hygiene workshops to introduce proper hygiene practices to our community members. Our workshops certainly wouldn’t be as effective without this donated soap!

Forix Foundation

Based in the United States, the Forix Foundation believes that the needs of communities change over time and that within communities there are different priorities. We are proud to be partnered with the Forix Foundation during April 2017 – January 2018, when they are sponsoring the staff salaries for our sewing program and empowering Cambodian women to break the cycle of poverty.

Life Interwoven

Life Interwoven is a social enterprise follows fair-trade principles and we work with artisans to create high quality lifestyle products from natural materials. This volunteer-run organisation is committed to reducing poverty, and support our education program through the sale of their products. Be sure to check out their website, as you will be helping the artisans who make the products AND children in Cambodia!


Quit with Nick

A monthly supporter of Human and Hope Association, Nick Terrone, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and owner of ‘QuitWithNick’, has helped thousands of people dissolve and eliminate limiting habits and behaviors such as smoking, binge eating, binge drinking and anxiety to name a few. Nick can also help you do what you need to do when you need to do it in a confident way with ease and flow. Contact Nick for more information.


Rotaract Club of Macquarie University

Rotaract is a global organisation that empowers students and young professionals to create positive change in their local communities and around the world. The Rotaract Club of Macquarie University has supported us through proceeds from their  trivia nights in 2013 and 2014 and also through a virtual walk to Cambodia. They understand the importance of empowerment and sustainability in organisations.


Rotaract Club Quartu Sant’Elena Margine Rosso

Rotaract is a global organisation that empowers students and young professionals to create positive change in their local communities and around the world. This young, professional club based in Italy is a keen supporter of Human and Hope Association. They promote our mission of sustainability and empowerment, and have supported us by holding fundraisers for a new toilet and our education program.

Rotary Club of Como

The Rotary Club of Como is an affiliate of Rotary International and is based in Western Australia. They provide opportunities to provide service to the community, both locally and internationally. They have partially sponsored our preschool program in 2017, providing vital education to marginalised five-year-olds in our community.

Rotary Club of Toronto

The Rotary Club of Toronto, Canada, has generously sponsored the sewing materials and stipends for our 2017 sewing program.

This ensures that our students have access to the resources they need to learn in the 10-month program, and also ensures their families are well-fed with the rice, vegetable and herb stipend.

Rotary Club of Willowdale

The Rotary Club of Willowdale, Canada, has provided opportunity scholarships to 10 children in 2017.

These scholarships ensure that the most marginalised children in our community have the materials they need to study at Human and Hope Association, and also provide them with free tuition to study English or Khmer language. By funding these scholarships, the Rotary Club of Willowdale are helping these children to have very bright futures!


Samaky creates content for charities. Owned by Human and Hope Association’s former Operations Manager, Sally, Samaky helps grassroots charities with their social media, fundraising and website needs so they can concentrate on the job at hand. Samaky donates 10% from every invoice to Human and Hope Association.

Seyla’s Sewing and Tailoring

Seyla’s Sewing and Tailoring is owned by Human and Hope Association’s former Vocational Training Manager, Seyla. He creates tailor-made clothing and ready-to-ship pieces that are made from quality cotton fabric.

Seyla donates $5 from every order to the sewing program at Human and Hope Association, a cause very close to his heart.

SEA Fund

South East Asia Foundation

The South East Asia Foundation believes in empowerment through education. Run by Bill and Pat Taylor, this US based organisation sponsored the refurbishment of our study area, a new fence, new t-shirts for our staff and our ongoing running costs. A big believer in the empowerment of local staff, and an understanding of the importance of ongoing running costs makes this a great partnership!


Sumar-Lakhani Foundation

Originating from humble beginnings in East Africa. the Sumar-Lakhani family knew that some day, they would return to support the impoverished, unwaged, and underprivileged. The family foundation aims to bring forth the best from nonprofits and driven individuals, worldwide. Working now for ten years, SLF is involved in several projects worldwide, and we’re just getting started. The Sumar-Lakhani Foundation provided funding for eight microfinance loans for our sewing students at the end of 2014. These microfinance loans will initially transform the lives of eight villagers, with the ability to put their skills learnt with us into action. However, the number of people these loans will eventually affect is undetermined, as this is a self-sustainable project, with all repayments and interest being used to provide more sewing machine loans.


Temples and Markets

Temples and Markets is a curated store featuring the best Home Decor, Jewellery and Fashion Accessories from South East Asia. Their goal is to put emerging designers from South East Asia in touch with a customer who wouldn’t otherwise find their product unless they were travelling to the area where the product originates. Temples and Markets proudly sponsor a child in our education program and also purchase our handicrafts, providing an income for our seamstresses and Human and Hope Association.


Village Earth

Village Earth is an organisation based in the U.S. They help reconnect communities to the resources that promote human well-being by enhancing social and political empowerment, community self-reliance and self-determination. They achieve this by strengthening intermediate and grassroots organisations through fiscal sponsorship, networking, training, research and advocacy. Human and Hope Association is a global affiliate of Village Earth, who provide our supporters in the U.S with an outlet to donate and receive tax deductions.


Wellington Rotaract

Rotaract is a global organisation that empowers students and young professionals to create positive change in their local communities and around the world. Wellington Rotaract supports HHA through holding fundraisers and selling our products. They sponsor one of our staff members to study at university and understand the importance of education in breaking the cycle of poverty.

WRAWorld Relief Australia

World Relief Australia is a boutique overseas aid agency operating in an ethical and professional manner, upholding the integrity and passion of our partners in relieving human suffering and empowering the poor. Donations are tax deductible in Australia through WRA, which enables us to make a bigger impact in our community.

Wild Mountain Child

Wild Mountain Child is a small Australian owned and operated business based in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia supporting other small creative businesses. They sell handmade and fair trade children’s clothing, accessories, toys, decor, gifts and more. Wild Mountain Child purchases our handicrafts, which made by our seamstresses to sell in their store and donates 50 cents from every order to us.

100 Women

100 Women’s vision is to ignite women’s philanthropy to advance the empowerment of women worldwide.  They are driven by a passionate group of talented women, first inspired by the book ‘Half the Sky’ written by Pulitzer Prize-winning team, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. In November 2017, they awarded us a grant to cover the supplies in our sewing program for the year 2018 and 2019, so we can empower 24 women to break the cycle of poverty.