Human and Hope Association

Spotlight On: Community and Education Assistant, Moun Samen

My name is Moun Samen and I am 26 years old. My family have lived in Kok Krosang Village. Before my father died, my family was usual way of life, was not poor and rich. Until now my family have been poor because there was eight children in family. My mother is a woman who take care of my sisters and brothers. She grew vegetables and bring vegetables sell at market. She also sold Khmer noodle in the village nowadays. She is a cook.

I started school when I was nine years old. My father died when I was 11 years old and my mother did not have enough money to support my studying. I decided to earn money by myself. I found and caught frogs by frog trap to sell the neighbours. I could earn money for 2000 riel or 5000 riel per day. Sometimes I could not find frogs.

My mother brought me to live with the Monks in the Pagoda when I was 12 years old. The Monks also support me to continue studying until grade 10. I came back home. Next 2 years I finished High School. I became a Monk for two years until now.

I started studying English when I was 12 years old in the community. Now I work at Human and Hope because I want to help community development and children who don’t have ability to study English and Khmer. Most of family in my village and community is poor and I want to see community have good role models for future generations.

Editor’s note: Samen has just graduated from a Bachelor of Law and will soon start studying an English program in Siem Reap sponsored by Human and Hope Association. If you were interested in contributing towards this, please contact us!