Staff development workshops

We feel strongly about continuously providing our staff with new knowledge and skills to perform better in their jobs. Each Saturday, we hold workshops so we can have open communication with our staff and also consistently increase their skills.

Our staff learns about topics such as teaching methodology, child protection, teamwork, management, leadership, and other general knowledge to assist them to better their jobs, keep them motivated, and their professional lives. All our workshops are held by our staff, governing board members or professional Khmer volunteers.

This year, our staff has attended 18 development workshops as follows:

1.     Managing Performance

2.     Sales and Fundraising Essential

3.     3-Day Bootcamp for managers and senior leader

4.     Networked Leadership

5.     Leadership Summit

6.     Starting, growing and scaling a social enterprise

7.     Money Management

8.     Environment

9.     Goal setting

10.  Cambodian Culture

11.  Smart Parenting

12.  Teacher Training

13.   Road Traffic Law

14.  Labor Law

15.  Taxation law

16.  The benefits of eating fruits

17.  The Food of the mind

18.  Physical health

These workshops have seen the quality work at Human and Hope Association improve greatly, and we strive to continue to improve on this.

“It is new to me as my previous workplaces, never have a regular staff development workshop like this. There are many benefits for me through attending the workshops. I have gained new general knowledge and skills to better my job. It reminds me of what I have learned. Also, I feel great with my teamwork as we learn and share from each other.” Mon – our new Education and Community Assistant.

“The staff development is very important for me because I gained new general knowledge that I have never learned, which I call it soft-skill that improve my thought and professional behavior at work and my personal life.” Lida – our new Accountant

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