Staff Development

In 2018, 20 workshops were held for our staff.

We feel strongly about continuingly providing our staff with new knowledge and skills to perform better in their jobs. Each Sunday, we hold workshops so we can have open communication with our staff and also consistently increase their skills.

Our staff learn about topics such as classroom management, child protection, teamwork and other such topics to assist them in the classrooms, community and their personal lives. All our workshops are held by our staff, governing board members or professional Khmer volunteers.

These workshops have seen the quality work at Human and Hope Association improve greatly, and we strive to continue to improve on this.

ThaiThai was born in a poor, rural area of Cambodia. His parents were farmers and as a child he took care of their animals. His parents fell into further poverty through weather conditions. They had to sell all their possessions and move to Siem Reap with family. Finally, at the age of 10 he was enrolled in school. When Thai was 16 he finishes primary school and started working in construction and as a motorbike driver whilst trying to pay his way through school.

In 2011 Thai along with some of his friend founded Human and Hope Association, where he volunteered as an English teacher. In 2013 he finished high school at the age of 22 and began studying at university on a HHA scholarship.

Thai received constant personal and professional development through HHA and was promoted to Director in 2015. He is a perfect example of how important training, education and empowerment is to Cambodians.

It costs $50 a month to provide workshops to our team. Become a Workshop Champion today!