Staff Savings Scheme

HHA Managers


This month marked the launch of our Staff Savings Scheme. The purpose of this scheme is to encourage employees to save money by matching their contributions each month. It is a great opportunity for those staff who do not have bank accounts, or need help with managing their funds.

Staff members are able to save up to 5% of their monthly salary with HHA, with HHA matching the savings each month. Our staff were each issued with a ‘HHA Savings Book’ so they can keep track of their funds and be motivated to continue saving. They worked with their managers to determine an appropriate savings goal, with the option to withdraw their funds only available when they reach their goal. The most common savings goals were to buy motorbikes, or, in the case of some of the men in our team, to get married. Everyone has chosen to save the full 5% each month, and are excited to get saving!

We would like to extend a big thank you to our volunteer, Sreylin, who suggested the idea, and to our monthly donors who are contributing towards this scheme. If you were interested in becoming a monthly donor, you can sign up at GiveNow. 


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