Story creative writing

Written by Phyrom, our education and library coordinator

This year, we started creative writing on 3th of May and finished on 31th of July. This year is difference from last year as they were divided into team of 3 students because we want them to work in team and they can share their knowledge to each other.

During their writing, they faced with many problems because this was a first time for them to write the books with their own idea. I noticed that, they were difficult in finding the good stories to write, drawing pictures and working  with their team as some of their team members are from difference ages and grades and also their Khmer knowledge are limited. Our teacher tried to encourage them to write and empower them to create their stories related to their daily lives and their knowledge of reading the books in the library.

Although they faced those problems, but they could solve it as our students learned about “Team work and how to solve problem in living value class”. They practiced them in creative writing.

When the due date came, some groups had not finished yet, so they asked for 2 or 3 days more. After I discussed with team, we agreed to wait them to finish their stories. The students were so happy.

After that, we collected their stories. Then our team checked and scored them to find the best of the best stories and to make sure they were not copied.

Finally, we selected only 5 groups, 3 groups for best meaning and pictures rank from number 1, 2 and 3 and others two groups for good pictures and good team work. Their stories are:

Number 1: Sok and Lyly’s goal

Number 2: Who am I?

Number 3: Seyha’s dream

Good picture: A little sparrow

Good teamwork: Effort

We gave them prizes to thanks for their effort to write and encourage them for the future. They were so surprised and happy. They said “they are going to join again next year”.

Last work for our team was to translate from Khmer to English and make the books to put in our library. If you want to read those books, please find here.

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