A success story of our graduate sewing student, Sampheas

Sampheas stopped studying in grade 9 when she failed the exam. Then she just stayed home and looks after her sisters and brothers. When she was 18 she worked in a golf club as a Caddy, collecting golf ball. At the age of 20, she got married, but her married life was not good as she and her husband got divorced after she has two children. Her life situation has been very awful. She was so poor and she has to take care of her two children. She went to work as a housekeeper, after that she worked as a construction worker.

One day, her aunt told her and her parents about our sewing program. At first, she didn’t want to learn as she thought that, no one earns the money to support her children. By the support and encouragement from her parents, she decided to learn with a hope to have her own sewing shop for a living.

After learning our beginner sewing class for three months, Sampheas took a microfinance loan from us as she wanted to practice her skills more at home and earn some money from fixing and making clothes for her neighbors. A few months before she graduated, we hired her as our seamstress. She has worked with us and made the products for a year. She now earns $80-$120 per month.

“I am very happy to join the program at HHA as I can see myself different. I have a skill and I can earn the income to support my family by working at home. HHA always gives me the opportunity to improve myself by learning new skills; I have changed my mindset and learn something new. I love my job more and more and I will do it all my best”.- Sampheas

It is not only Sampheas who has received this opportunity, we have also supported many more and we keep continuing support other marginalized villagers in our community to change their lives.


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