Team Building at Phnom Kulen

Hello my name is San Thai. I would like to write about my trip to Phnom Kulen. Last Saturday, my colleagues and I went to visit Phnom Kulen Mountain. We left at about six in the morning and we arrived at Preah Dak at 7:30am. We had Khmer noodles and rice there as breakfast. Then we continued our journey and we reached the top of Kulen Mountain about 9:15am. Then we took a rest for five minutes and we started to play some team building games. We ate snacks together.

Around 11:30am we went to a restaurant for lunch. After lunch we walked to see the big Buddha statue temple. At the temple there were lots of beggars. Our team gave some money to them. Then we went back to the waterfall to have a bath. At about 1:30 we changed clothes and we wore the swimming costumes. The water was so cold. We swam and played some games at the waterfall. After having bath, we came back home. We left the Kulen Mountain about 3:30. We arrived home around 5pm.

We had a great time at Kulen Mountain. I think that trip to Kulen Mountain is the best choice for everyone because it is a very good eco tourism resort.

Phnom Kulen

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