Team building trip

Written by San Thai, Director

On the last day of Water Festival, one of the big public holidays in Cambodia, 26 November 2015, our team had a one day long team building trip to three places at south of Siem Reap, which is the furthest one is about 60 kilometers. Those places are the Landmine Museum, the history museum of Cambodian mines in Pol Pot Regime, Banteay Srey, a beautiful temple which has a great art of stone, and Kbal Spean, a beautiful forest and water fall mountain.

We went there by van and our team left HHA at 7am. After about one hour drive, we stopped to eat breakfast at Preah Dak, the place we always have breakfast for our team building trip. After breakfast, our team continued the journey to Landmine Museum which most of our team had never seen before. We spent about 20 minutes visiting inside the museum. Then we continued to Banteay Srey which is about 7km from the museum. Our team visited the temples and eating the snack which made by Sally. Until 11am we left the temple and found a restaurant for our lunch.


Our plan was to eat at a restaurant across from the temple but the driver recommended a good restaurant near Kbal Spean, our third place. At a restaurant, we had waited for about 20 minutes for the food and we finished our lunch at about 12:30pm. Our team ate a lot because the food and drinks were delicious.


After lunch, we just spent one minute drive to Kbal Spean, our last place. We planned to play our team building games there. Everyone was so full after lunch, so we started by doing the exercise and warm up activities. After that we started our first game, called back sit, which they play in paired. This game purpose was to let them to cooperate each other to stand up and ran to the goal.


Then we played the second game called egg nest, the purpose of this game was let the team to think critically to make a strong paper nest with the egg inside and without break when falling down.The third games was Jump in and Jump out. This game develops their flexibilities with the difficulty situations.


After this game, our team play a more difficulty games called water and empty cup which create their cooperation and think of best solution. Our last game was Fish and Fishermen. This game purpose was to develop team discussion and competition.


We finished our team building games at about 2:30pm. Then we climbed up Kbal Spean Mountain. It was 1500m walk up to the top. When we reached the top, we ate snack together which carried up by Phyrom. Then some of our team enjoyed taking the water fall which was so cold. At about 4pm, we walked down the mountain.

Our team was very exhausted to climb up and down the mountain because it was a very furthest walk they had never before, but they were still very happy to see the beautiful forest and water fall. Finally we came back home at 5pm and arrived HHA at 6:30pm.

Although our team was very exhausted but they were really enjoy with the trip so much. Thank you everyone who donated for our team building trip this year.

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