The Life of Choumrung


 Written by Chhoeurn Choumrung, Seamstress.

My name is CHHOEURN CHOUMRUNG. I was born in 1985. I was born in PHNOM DEY village,Trorpang Toum commune, Brasat Bakong district and Siem Reap province. I was born in farmer family. I have 5 members in my family, and I am second.

When I was child, my family is very poor and don’t have any way to school. The school is far away from my house, So I walked to school, and I sometimes ride bicycle with my friend. I tried to study grade 7. In 2003, I had seen my family is so poor and didn’t have ability to support my study , I decided to stopped studying by myself to find a job to help my family. I couldn’t find a good job for myself, because my knowledge is low. I decided to ask as builder. I could find 3500R (87.5cents) income per day. I had worked as builder for 4 years. In 2006 I got married and I have left my hometown to live with my husband in Sombur village, Sombur communce, Siem Reap district and Siem Reap province. We haven’t had land for doing farm. We have only home land. My husband is builder, and being builder can find a little bit income per month. Salary is not enough for daily expense and children illness. Sometimes children stayed at the hospital for 1 month. For me, I have grown a little vegetable around my house.

One day, Human and Hope association went to my house, ask me and provide some idea to study sewing in HHA, and I decided to study sewing. After I studied sewing in HHA, it makes me have a new skill, and my family is better. I would like to thank you to HHA.

Note: Choumrung is currently studying our expert sewing course at HHA and also working as a seamstress making our products. Her son just started studying in our preschool program.

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