‘Tis the season to be a sponsor

Jingle bells, our hearts swell, education is the key,

Oh what fun to see results, from your generosity!

We have a few new fundraisers up and running that we want to tell our American donors about. Giving the gift of education would be the PERFECT Christmas present this year. Take a look and share with your friends!

Provide Khmer language classes to an illiterate child for a semester

In a period of six months our students learn how to read and write, putting them back on track at public school. We are also aim to form a relationship with the public school so we can teach the staff some techniques to assist them with their students learning so in the future there will not be a need for these classes.

Sponsor a student to study English for a year

Our English program equips our students with a language required in most well paid jobs and if they go on to study at university. Our Living Values program empowers our students with knowledge on topics such as hygiene, child abuse and the rights of the child. As many families can’t pass on ethics and morals to their children due to being uneducated, our living values program achieves this. Our students’ behavior increases dramatically once they start studying in this program.

Provide preschool education to a five-year-old

By teaching our students Khmer they will have a head start when they are enrolled at public school, as many of our older students are illiterate due to poor teaching at public school. By involving them in hygiene practices daily we ensure their risk of disease is reduced. By providing them with child protection workshops, we empower them to stand up against abuse. By being positive role models we are showing them that they can do anything they set their minds to and escape the cycle of poverty.

Sponsor a staff member to study a Bachelor of Education at university

We would love to bring Bunrong, our Khmer and English teacher, into our university scholarship program. While on the scholarship, Bunrong will be committed to working at Human and Hope Association. Therefore, he wins by not having to worry about paying for his education while HHA also wins by having a committed member of our team for the next two and a half years who will use his education to educate others and move them out of poverty.

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