Human and Hope Association

University Scholarships

Three of our staff study a Bachelor’s Degree at University and one at an English School through our Staff Scholarship Program. In return, they are committed to working in their positions at Human and Hope Association for the duration of their studies.

We believe in not only empowering and educating our students, but empowering and educating our staff as well so they can lead fulfilling lives and pass on their knowledge to future generations.

9“I work at Human and Hope Association because for myself I want to have experience to help my community. And for the community, I want it to be developed and I want my country to be developed. And then I want the children in my country to be educated people, not ignorant people. Working at HHA, I have gained a lot of good knowledge and experience throughout the university scholarship, internal and external workshops and training, and the supports in my daily job implementation. Through these supports, I feel that I have enough ability and confidence to complete my role. Furthermore, having good relationship with all coworkers also make me feel comfortable and committed to work. I am aware that I have changed a lot if compare to before such as: knowledge, skills, confidence, and experience. Thanks HHA team for everything you have done for me.” – Salin, Education and Community Manager

It costs $100 a month to provide all our full-time staff with lunch each day, ensuring they have the energy to work and study. Become a Nutrition Champion today!