Vocational training is very important in Cambodia, as many people have not graduated from High School. Most of the students in our Vocational Training Program are illiterate, which proves challenging at times, however, the outcomes are definitely worth it.

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Our Vocational Training Projects


Home Sewing Business

Some of our sewing students are hired to participate in our home sewing business program. Each month, they make our products at their homes using machines purchased through our Microfinance Program. They receive a fair wage and ongoing support from our staff and employee benefits.

Sewing Cooperative

The purpose of the sewing cooperative is to ensure our sewing graduates utilise their skills to improve their standard of living.


Sewing Program

Our 10-month sewing program not only teaches women the basics of sewing right through to elaborate ceremony tops, they also learn about chemical-free farming and life skills as part of a holistic approach to development. As a result, these women are empowered with the with the confidence, independence and skills to support themselves and their families.