Human and Hope Association

Welcoming two new seamstresses!


From left to right: Chomrong, Leak, Saney and Saroem

Last week we welcomed two new seamstresses to our team, who have been promoted from our beginner sewing class.

Riem Leak – Leak is 39 years old and has three children. Before studying in the sewing program at HHA, she grew vegetables, took care of her children and cleaned clothes. In her spare time, she does housework and relaxes at her home. “I like studying at HHA because the teachers are good. HHA has good rules, and all the staff are friendly and kind. The teachers tell us everything they know, they do not keep the knowledge for themselves”.

Cherng Chomrong – Chomrong is 30 years old and has three children. Before studying at HHA, she stayed at home, grew vegetables and took care of her children. Chomrong enjoys studying at HHA as she respects our rules, and thinks the staff are friendly and open with their knowledge. In her spare time, Chomrong cleans her house and takes care of her children.

Our new seamstresses will receive a week of training on products to make at their home, then will start their product orders in July!