Why I Volunteer at HHA

Written by Chum Sreylin, Board President and Art Class Volunteer

I believe that HHA is a great local organization which works to empower Cambodians to create sustainable future for themselves and always seek to do the right things to help children and people who are in need. It is also a good way to use my spare time to volunteer teaching children in arts class on Sunday since I don’t work and I can meet up with HHA team and see how they progress as the part of board responsibilities.

To me, being president of board requires much knowledge and advising skills but I don’t have all of it and had never experienced before. How can I overcome this challenge? I have willingness to learn, to get and share related to difficult topics in an organization and try to be as useful as possible. I am glad to be president of board even I have little experience because I have been involved with HHA since it was born and it is a good opportunity for me to share my knowledge to young and passionate HHA team and support their work as needed. HHA has been developing so much since the past year under the great effort of HHA team and I believe it is a great local organization to volunteer and being president of board.

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