A Wonderful Team Building Trip

Written by Thai San, Director

To build a strong team and reward our staff for their hard work, we have team building trip each year. But this year is very special because on 16th of June, we went to a wonderful place and far away from Siem Reap, which most of our staff dreamt to visit there. It is the BEACH at Kampong Som, Sihanouk Ville, which is located approximately 530 km from Siem Reap.

As it is far away, we had to take the night bus. We left Siem Reap at 7h: 30pm. The bus arrived their station in Kampong Som at around 6h: 00am, then we took the Tuk Tuk to the guesthouse we rent as we stayed there for a night. When we arrived the guesthouse, our team had a breakfast and went to the beach to play and swim along the seaside.

After playing at the beach, we had a short break in the guesthouse. Then in the afternoon we rent the Tuk Tuk to a wonderful E-co resort called “ Kbal Chay”, the beautiful forest and waterfall. We also ate lunch there.

We spent time at Kbal Chay for about an hour and half. Then we continued our trip to see some beautiful seaside and went back to the guesthouse. After a short break, we ate dinner and then played and sang the simple Karaoke (we brought with) a long the seaside at night. That was a very fun night as we sang and danced together. We enjoyed there until mid-night, then we went to bed.

In the next morning, after eating breakfast we caught the ferry to see the wonderful and beautiful island called “ Koh Rong”. It was the first time for most of our staff to take the ferry, so some of them felt sick of the big sea waves, but that was not so serious as after a short break they were better.  When we arrived the island, we walked around to see the beautiful sightseeing and seaside. After that, some of our team enjoyed swimming again.

We spent time there around two hours and then caught the ferry back to the guesthouse. When we arrived the guesthouse, we took a short break and then we played our team building games along the seaside. We started to play some icebreaker games and then some awareness games. All of them enjoyed so much!

After team building game, we had around two hours to prepare our things to check out from the guesthouse and back home. We took the night bus again. We left Kampong Som at around 8h: 00pm and arrived back Siem Reap at around 6h: 00am.

Everyone was safe and that was a very fun and memorable trip! Thanks to everyone who supported this important team building trip to reward our staff for their hard work and dedication to empowering Cambodians.

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