Working in the Community


Hello, my name is San Thai. I am a Community Manager at Human and Hope Association. My main responsibility is to promote the value of Human and Hope Association to the Community and announce the three projects to the community and recruit the suitable beneficiaries for these projects in order to help the community to create a sustainable future. I am happy to help my community through our projects because most of our community members are really need for themselves and their children. This is what I do for the community.

I prepare plan to develop the community and take preschool home every day. If our students have any problem, I go to meet their parents and try to solve it as possible as I can. I also educate them how important of studying and why they have to taking care to their children. Every Sunday I collect money from our Microfinance borrowers and also support them with any ideas, if they have any problem about their businesses.

Every month I visit our sewing students, preschool students and English students. They are level one, two and three poor students which is our scholarship students. I go to visit the old sewing students to see that after they participate our training, how change of their life, what they do after training, and I feel free to support them if they want to discuss about their businesses. Beside this, I visit preschool and English students parents to see that how change of their children, how improve of their children, and what they need to improve more to them. I also educate them the value of studying and why they have to taking care of their children. I also cooperate with public school directors and head of villages in order to make them understand about our mission and easy to work with them in the future. Especially when our preschool students graduated, we are sending them to the public school and when we announce our projects to the community.

Every new term I post the announcement at school and the Community to get students to study English classes. I also go through the villages and see the real situation to find the level one, level two and level three Preschool Students, Sewing Students and Opportunity Scholarship Students to get them to join Preschool class, Sewing class and English classes. I also give strong encouragement to villagers about the important of having a good skill and the importance of studying.

I really like working as a Community Manager at Human and Hope Association because I believe that what I do for the community members is to help them with long term benefits and create them a sustainable future. I hope that through our projects will benefit them and help our community to develop in the future.

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