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Monthly Champion



Language Champion – $10/month 

For $10 a month you will provide English education to a Cambodian child. Not only will this enable them to study English four days a week, it will also allow them to partake in weekly living values classes, addressing social issues in Cambodia. In return, you can expect a personal thank you card from our Director!

Included: 20 English lessons, four living values lessons, clean drinking water



Preschool Champion – $15/month 

For $15 a month you will provide preschool education to a marginalised student. They will study Khmer language, play games, do arts and crafts, learn about hygiene and play sports. In return, you can expect a personal thank you card from our Director!

Included: 40 hours of preschool education, hygiene materials, clean drinking water, study materials, a school starter pack upon graduation



Creativity Champion – $30/month

Thanks to you, we can provide 20 students each month with art class, promoting creativity and independent thinking! They also receive a piece of fruit each week AND watch a movie. In return, you can expect a personal thank you card from our Director!

Included: Eight hours of art lessons, fruit, art supplies, clean drinking water



Library Champion – $50/month 

By providing library access to 50 students a day, you will ensure that they expand their knowledge and their world! Every day they have the opportunity to play games, read books, put puzzles together, test their English with flashcards and have story time with our librarian. To say thank you we will send you a creative writing book pack from our students.

Included: 52 hours of library education, clean drinking water, colouring pages, new supplies


Farming Champion – $70/month 

As a Farming Champion, you will ensure that 10 marginalised families receive weekly chemical-free farming training so they can increase nutrition in their families. These families also learn about life skills to address social issues they face. To say thank you, we will send you a 50% off voucher for our online store, where you can purchase our handicrafts made in Cambodia.

Included: Eight hours of farm training a month, seeds, farming tools, snacks, outreach


Sewing Champion – $90/month 

Our sewing program provides marginalised villagers with sewing training, life skills lessons, rice and vegetables five days a week. As a Sewing Champion, you will provide one villager with access to this program, and help them break the cycle of poverty. To say thank you, you will receive a personal video from the Director of HHA! 

Included: 60 hours of sewing class, daily stipend of food, sewing materials, sewing starter kit, clean drinking water, hygiene supplies, additional workshops, outreach.