We are a grassroots community centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Founded in 2011, we have developed from a nightly English school into a reputable NGO that is achieving great outcomes in collaboration with our community members. 

Run entirely by a team of local Cambodians, our mission is to empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves. We are achieving that through our education, vocational training and community support projects.

Meet mom

Mom never had the opportunity to attend school; she has lived in poverty all her life. A mother of two, she spent her days looking after her children and taking care of her pigs. 

Mom began studying in our sewing program in 2015. Because she was illiterate, Mom also studied in Khmer language classes with us daily. Her five-year-old daughter began studying in our preschool program, and she learnt to read and write in Khmer. 

After graduating from our program, Mom set up a small business at her home using a sewing machine purchased through our Microfinance program. She relishes in her ability to work from home, so she can take care of her children. Mom says:

“I like drawing and making patterns. I studied at HHA so I could make money to support my family. I never thought I could have the ability, but now I do!”