Community Support

Our community support program is run by our Education and Community Manager and our Community and Education Assistant. As part of our outreach, these staff members are responsible for running child protection workshops for community members and adults in our projects, so we can help the community identify and stop child abuse.

We also aim to promote the benefits of education to the community and encourage parents to enrol their children in Public School. Our Poor Level One, Two and Three beneficiaries are visited every two months, so staff can track their progress and the outcomes of our projects, offer advice and determine ways we can improve on the assistance we offer the community. We also seek constant feedback from the community members so our projects are effective.

If we encounter any problems with our students, our community team visit the child’s family and try to reach a solution with them. We contact the necessary authorities if a situation is deemed to be out of our depth.

This program has built a good reputation for Human and Hope Association, and has made it much easier to recruit students for our various programs due to the positive words which are spread around the community about us.




Sophy is 40 years old. Her children registered to study at HHA in 2014, and we went to her house to determine whether they were eligible for a scholarship. Whilst there, Sophy was interested in our microfinance program to raise ducks. We provided her with a loan, her children with scholarships, and her husband with domestic violence workshops. Later on we hired Sophy to be our Sustainability Assistant, where she finally earns a fair wage and studies Khmer language, something she never thought she would have the opportunity to do.

It costs $40 a month to provide outreach to our community. Become a Community Champion today!