Our organisation is entirely run by a local team of Cambodians. We are proud to empower our community to break the cycle of poverty, as we have done ourselves.


Education and Community Manager – Loeum Salin

SalinSalin graduated from high school in 2014 and studies at University through a HHA scholarship. Salin is responsible for running our education and community programs and is always thinking of ways to improve our impact. “I work at Human and Hope Association because for myself I want to have the experience to help my community. And for the community, I want it to be developed and I want my country to be developed. And then I want the children in my country to be educated people, not ignorant people.”


Education and Library Assistant – Phat Phyrom

PhearomPhyrom was born in Pouk District, not too far from Siem Reap. He graduated from a Bachelor of Law in 2014, and studies English in his spare time. Phyrom is responsible for engaging our students in learning through teaching English and art class, and running our library. “I like working at HHA because I want to share my knowledge to the children. I like talking with them because they are funny and give me good memories. I especially love getting smiles from them. They make me happy when I speak with them and teach them in class and in the library.”


Education and Community Assistant- Ngoy Bunrong

Bunrong came from a rural area in Takeo Province, Cambodia. After graduated high school, he left his hometown to continue his university study in Siem Reap and he had a chance to join HHA team. Through his willingness and commitment to learn, Bunrong received our university scholarship. His major is Teaching English as a Second Language. “I am very excited because I can share my knowledge to students and I definitely improve my English language quickly. I also can learn and share knowledge to my teamwork.”



Vocational Training Coordinator

Savdy was born in Battambang province. She is a very strong Cambodian girl who has tried so hard to improve herself. She holds a Bachelor of Rural Development from the University of Battambang. Her passion is working with the organization to help people. She joined our team in March 2017 as our Vocational Training Coordinator. “I’m happy with my new job because I can develop myself a lot through the support from the good team, especially my Director. The colleagues are friendly and the working environment is really good for me”.

Sewing teacher – Chhoeung Chomrong

ChamrongChomrong was initially a sewing student at Human and Hope Association, and graduated in 2015. She worked for us as a seamstress, making handicrafts at her home. Chomrong was promoted to be a sewing teacher in June 2016, and we are so proud to see her thrive. Chomrong enjoys working at HHA as she respects our rules, and thinks the staff are friendly and open with their knowledge. In her spare time, Chomrong sews, cleans her house and takes care of her three children, two of whom study at HHA in our education programs.


Sewing Teacher – Yorn Phalla

PhallaPhalla is one of our original sewing students. She impressed her teacher with her passion for sewing, willingness to learn and her ability to accept feedback and improve on it. Phalla was promoted from sewing assistant to sewing teacher just over two years after she started learning sewing. In her spare time, Phalla alters and makes clothes for her neighbours with the sewing machine she bought through our Microfinance Program.


Seamstress – Vey Sampeas

Sampeas is our graduated sewing student who was selected to become our seamstress due to her great skill and great attitude. Sampeas has two children. Besides working as our seamstress, Sampeas set up her sewing shop at home and also learn English with us. “I am so happy that I chose to learn sewing because I have understood that it is really important for my life. My goal is to improve my business more bigger and to help my children to have good education”.


Seamstress – Chham Sangorb

Sangorb is our graduated sewing student. She only studied in grade one at public school as her parents didn’t have money to afford her to study. Sangorb was working as a builder when she found out about our sewing program through a staff member who promoted the program in her village. Just three month of study, she took out our sewing machine loan, then we promoted her to become our seamstress due to her good quality and respectful attitude. Sangorb had graduated from our one year sewing course. Her life has change a lot as currently she is not only our seamstress, but she has her own sewing shop and small grocery shop at home which she can earn a good income to support her family. Her husband is really  proud of her.

Sewing Advisor – Thoeun Seyla

SeylaSeyla is our former Vocational Training Manager. He has moved to live in Australia, but he still willing to help Human and Hope Association through giving advice to our team, raising awareness about HHA, and selling our handicrafts there.




Director –  San Thai

ThaiThai is one of the founding members of Human and Hope Association. After finishing High School in 2013, he was promoted to the full time position of Community Liaison, then again to Community Manager in 2014. Through forming good relationships with the villagers, it is easier for Thai to educate people on issues such as child protection and the importance of education. In 2015 Thai became Director-in-Training, with the goal to ensure HHA has the ability to be entirely Khmer operated. Thai received a University Scholarship from Human and Hope due to his willingness to learn, his professionalism and his great attitude. He was promoted to permanent Director in July 2015. “I enjoy working at Human and Hope Association because I can improve and develop myself and I can take good actions to help the community.”

Accountant – Tenh Sopheak

IMG_1627Sopheak was born in Pouk district,  Siem Reap Province. He graduated from High School in 2012 and continued his university major in Accounting and Finance. He started to work at Human and Hope Association in May 2016 as part time accountant. “I love HHA because it’s providing a lot of benefits to the poor family in Cambodia who can get their job professionally and all children can get an education as well”.



Sustainability Assistant – Rien Sophy

SophyOur Sustainability Assistant, Sophy, is 39 years old. She lives close by HHA with her husband and four children, all of whom study English or Preschool with us. In her free time, Sophy goes to the field to collect rattan and also looks after ducks with a loan borrowed through our microfinance program. Sophy is responsible for taking care of our garden, cooking staff lunches, cleaning and looking after our school.



Security Guard – Doeum Don

DonDon is the ‘father’ of our young team. He initially worked as a security guard for us over Khmer New Year 2013, then to build new desks for our classrooms. Don now works four evenings a week at Human and Hope, and spends his spare time with his wife and children in our surrounding commune.



Security Guard – Loeun Las

IMG_5636Las watches over Human and Hope Association on the weekends. A father of one, he works as a sculptor in the day and took extra work with us as he needs to support his elderly parents. Las has a great respect for our values, and we are happy to have him on our team!