Human and Hope Association Inc. is a registered charity in Australia that empowers communities to reduce inequalities. They advocate for local empowerment and contribute a minimum of 50% of our yearly income.

KEEN, Inc. is a values-led, independently owned outdoor footwear brand from Portland, Oregon with a mission to responsibly create original and versatile products, improve lives, and inspire outside adventure.

KEEN’s corporate social responsibility program, KEEN Effect, activates communities to protect and preserve the natural environment where they work and play through strategic philanthropy, advocacy, and supply chain detoxification. In 2029, KEEN awarded us a small grant for our student development program so we can take 84 children to participate in outdoor activities which they can explore the world around them.

The Women’s International Group of Cambodia was founded in 1994 by a group of expatriate women in Phnom Penh, committed to supporting one another through their social network, and to supporting the wider Cambodian community through their financial grants. In 2019, they awarded us a grant to purchase the supplies for our sewing class so we can empower 12 women to break the cycle of poverty.

The South East Asia Foundation believes in empowerment through education. Run by Bill and Pat Taylor, this US-based organisation sponsored the refurbishment of our study area, a new fence, new t-shirts for our staff and our ongoing running costs. A big believer in the empowerment of local staff and an understanding of the importance of ongoing running costs makes this a great partnership!

Originating from humble beginnings in East Africa. the Sumar-Lakhani family knew that someday, they would return to support the impoverished, unwaged, and underprivileged. The family foundation aims to bring forth the best from nonprofits and driven individuals, worldwide. Working now for ten years, SLF is involved in several projects worldwide, and we’re just getting started. The Sumar-Lakhani Foundation provided funding for eight microfinance loans for our sewing students at the end of 2014. These microfinance loans will initially transform the lives of eight villagers, with the ability to put their skills learnt with us into action. However, the number of people these loans will eventually affect is undetermined, as this is a self-sustainable project, with all repayments and interest being used to provide more sewing machine loans.

Village Earth is an organisation based in the U.S. They help reconnect communities to the resources that promote human well-being by enhancing social and political empowerment, community self-reliance and self-determination. They achieve this by strengthening intermediate and grassroots organisations through fiscal sponsorship, networking, training, research and advocacy. Human and Hope Association is a global affiliate of Village Earth, who provide our supporters in the U.S with an outlet to donate and receive tax deductions.